What is an SSL certificate for?

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a special feature that is installed on a website so that data can be transmitted over SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, translating the level of secure sockets. This protocol provides secure data transfer between the server on which the website is located and the user’s browser.

SSL certificates contain information about individuals or organizations’ website. The presence of an SSL certificate on the website is easy to verify by simply looking at the line with the website address in the browser. In the address bar you (depending on the certificate chosen by the website owner) you will see:

  • a closed lock icon, when you click on it you will see the phrase «Secure Connection», and you can also get more detailed information about the installed certificate;
  • or next to the lock icon, the name of the company that owns the website will also be indicated.

If the SSL certificate is not installed on the website, then “Not Protected” will be written in front of the address.


Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Are you are interested in search engine optimization for your website, or e-commerce, or have an online store on your website, or simply accept confidential information from your customers (logins, passwords, passport numbers and series, credit card numbers, etc.)? Google uses the presence of an SSL certificate as a factor in the position of the website in the search results, moreover, the certificate will guarantee that the transmitted data is protected by a reliable encryption algorithm and will not be accessible to third parties for unauthorized access.

SSL certificate is a digital certificate of your website that serves as a confirmation that data is exchanged between the website and the browser through a secure channel. Securing the website with an SSL certificate allows you to encrypt all information transferred between the website and client programs. In addition, information is also protected by a digital signature, which ensures its confidentiality and guarantees a secure connection.


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